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Business Acquisition Process in 5 Steps



  • Creation of materials for an initial workshop
  • First workshop to define the strategic goals and target profile for the acquisition.


Definition of goals and procedure

  • Creation of a long list of potential targets
  • First round evaluation of targets and preparation of the feedback meeting
  • Feedback discussion regarding the long list and target definition, clarification of materials
  • Acceptance of the target definition and initial long list


Preparation of materials

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Contact and Negotiation

  • Anonymous contact of targets, gauge initial interest
  • Meeting of targets and investor and selection of targets for a second round
  • Detailed discussions with selected targets, request of materials
  • Preparation and submission of non-binding offers, letter of intent, etc.


Contact and non-binding offer

  • Due Diligence of selected target(s)
  • Final report and evaluation
  • Negotiation with target(s)
  • Preparation and submission of a binding offer


Due Diligence and binding offer

  • Negotiation of transaction documents
  • Support in creating and accepting transaction documents
  • Contract signing and deal closing


Contract negotiation and signing

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How an Experienced Team Can Help You?

  • Engaging a M&A advisor increases the professionalism of the transaction and shows to the potential sellers that the investor is taking the process seriously.
  • We bring vast experience from dozens of transactions at your disposal.
  • Our team will guide you through the whole process, from the initial preparation till the successful closing.
  • The whole process is executed on your behalf and stays under your control.
  • We save your time and efforts, so that you can focus only on the important things.

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